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About Us

Help Harry Resources is for teachers, parents and professionals who work with children with social and emotional needs. HH provides a range of beautifully illustrated interactive stories, games and resources that follow 5 characters, each with varying needs and is aimed at developing social and emotional skills in young people.


Children get to help Harry, or Milo, or Zuri, or Ayana, or Erin in a range of social situations that may be familiar to them in their everyday lives.

Harry, Milo, Zuri, Ayana and Erin are created to be representative of children with needs that are common in the modern classroom and that are often misrepresented or underrepresented in existing resources.

Our aim is to bring you carefully and thoughtfully designed material that is not only unique but engaging. We are about quality, not quantity so rather than fill our website with meaningless resources, or resources that are readily available elsewhere; we spend time bringing you high quality resources that you really need. 

Love Help Harry? Find out a bit about the team behind Help Harry Resources! 



Shomari is a UK trained SEMH primary teacher and primary phase leader at an independent SEMH school.

Her specialisms are in speech & language, ADHD and behaviour management.

She created Help Harry Resources to support teachers, parents and other professionals who work with children with SEMH and wanted characters that were relatable and reflected the needs of children that we see in everyday schools. She is the brains behind the characters, their needs and the resources available to you.


Graphic Designer

Ellie is a graphic design graduate based in London.  

Her role at Help Harry is Illustrator & Graphic Designer, which ranges from logo & character design, educational resources & social media content. 

Ellie carries a pen & paper with her everywhere sje goes, she is always doodling! Design & illustration has always been her passion and she loves how varied her work can be. 

Ellie brought to life Harry and the rest of the HH characters that you see on all of the resources.

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